Designing Rubber PartsRobinson Rubber Products offers a wide variety of value-added engineering and technical services to help customers that are designing rubber parts. These services optimize part design for high quality manufacturing. For complete details, contact us at or 763-535-6737.

Component Design Assistance

  • We can accept Solid Works, iges, dfx and dwg files.
  • We can also work off prints and sketches faxed to us at 763-535-0828.
  • Links: Designing with Rubber

Materials & Compound Formulation Development

  • Over 1,500 compound formulations.
  • Plus custom design and development of other compound formulations to meet your precise requirements.
  • Link: Polymer Material & Selection Guide

RRPrototypes™ Prototype Services

  • A unique service to assist customers with product development and selection of appropriate polymers, materials and rubber formulation.
  • A quick, economical way to test designs and ideas in actual working environments – before investing in production molds and tooling.
  • Easy, quick, inexpensive modification of molds and tooling to ensure rubber component design is production ready.
  • Completed in 5 to 25 working days ARO depending on part complexity.

Multiple Component Assemblies

  • Value added assemblies as simple as inserting a washer or disk into a rubber component nest.
  • Or as complex as multiple rubber, plastic and metal components assembled, packaged and ready for product installation – straight from the box.

Special Packaging

  • Everything from a simple 10 parts per bag, to layer packaging, to Kan-Ban quantities per box.
  • Plus packaging of finished components or assemblies for wholesale or retail stocking.

Performance Testing & Evaluation

  • In the prototype or product development stage.
  • Or ongoing performance evaluation as part of the normal rubber component manufacturing.