Prevent Costly Failure of Peristaltic Tubing and Pumps

Peristaltic-pump tubing transports many kinds of fluids, such as corrosive detergents and various chemicals used in laundry, dishwasher, floor scrubber and other applications. The pump moves these fluids by squeezing or pinching the tube between a roller and the pump housing. There is no one-size-fits-all peristaltic pump tubing. Specifying the wrong one can result in tubing or pump failure, safety issues and lost productivity.

Compression Memory and Flexibility

If the pump is left idle and the tubing remains squeezed between roller and pump housing for a long time, the tubing may remain compressed and not fully recover. For optimal operation, it needs to return to its original shape thousands of times after being squeezed by the roller. Peristaltic tubing must also be flexible enough for the pump motor to rotate and push the fluid through the tubing.

Peristaltic Tubing Hardness and Wall Thickness

If the tubing is too hard, it will increase the load on the pump motor, reducing the life of the pump or causing pump failure. There needs to be a balance that ensures complete occlusive pinch for consistent fluid flow without creating an excessive torque load on the peristaltic pump’s driving motor. General guidelines for peristaltic pumps call for selecting a tube with a hardness value between 50 and 65 on the Shore A Hardness Scale. It is also essential that the wall thickness of the tubing match the gap between the roller and the housing in the peristaltic pump.

Filters and Backpressure

Some applications require a filter at the discharge end to remove impurities from the flow stream and to prevent partial blockage. However, this creates backpressure in the pump that may cause the tube to burst if it exceeds the tube’s pressure rating. Harder tubing material may be required to overcome the backpressure in some applications.

Periflex™ EPDM Tubing

To get the best tubing for your applications, work with an expert, such as Robinson Rubber Products. Precision- formulated and -manufactured RRP’s Periflex™ EPDM tubing has been refined over decades of experience. All Periflex™ tubing is tested under actual conditions to ensure suitability for a specific application. Specifying the right peristaltic pump tubing will optimize performance with longer life and trouble-free operation.

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