Technical and Design Information

technical and design informationRobinson has vast technical resources and decades of specialized expertise to provide solutions that meet your need for quality and performance. Involve us in characterizing the critical aspects of your application and we’ll get right to work on the optimal design for your product needs. This section will guide you through our world of technology.

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Dynamic Flex Fatigue
See how Robinson Rubber manufacturing processes solve challenging component applications that suffer from dynamic flex fatigue

Designing Specifications and Assistance
Designing with Rubber

Peristaltic Tubing
Prevent Costly Failure of Peristaltic Tubing and Pumps

Polymer & Material Selection Guides
Polymer & Material Selection Guide
ACM – Polyacrylate or Acrylic Rubber
BR – Polybutadiene Rubber
CM – Chloropolyethylene Rubber
CR – Polychloroprene Rubber, Neoprene® Rubber
CSM – Chlorosulfunated – Polyethylene Rubber, Hypalon® Rubber
EA – Ethylene Acrylic Rubber, Vamac® Rubber
ECO – Epichlorohydrin Rubber, Hydrin® Rubber
EPDM – Ethylene Propylene
FKM – Fluorocarbon, Fluoroelastomer Rubber, Viton®, Fluorel®
FVMQ – Fluorosilicone or Fluorovinylmethylsiloxane Rubber
HNBR – Highly Saturated Nitrile or Hydrogenated Acrylonitrile Butadiene
IIR – Isobutylene Isoprene Rubber, Butyl, Bromobutyl, Chlorobutyl Rubber
NBR – Acrylonitrile Butadiene, Nitrile Rubber, Buna N Rubber
NR – Natural Polyisoprene Rubber, Natural Rubber
SBR – Styrene Butadiene Rubber
SNR/IR – Synthetic Polyisoprene, Synthetic Natural Rubber
URE/AU/EU – Polyester & Polyether Urethane Rubber
VMQ/PMQ/PVMQ – Silicone or Polydimethylsiloxane Rubber
XNBR – Carboxylated Nitrile Rubber

The Science of Rubber
White Paper:
The Science of Rubber

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